Welcome to our journey to help our boys with autism receive treatment through Stem Cell Therapy

IMG_5428This road of autism that we ride is not easy. It’s not easy for parents, for siblings, and especially not easy for a child with autism.  We have experienced a mountain of trials over the years and we are about to embark on another mountain.

We desperately want to help our two boys, Cohen and Max, get Stem Cell Therapy.  This type of procedure takes place in Panama and not in the US.

IMG_5457We spoke to a Father whose boy went through this treatment and is seeing amazing results – Unstoppable Anthony. I read about people every week going to Panama to get this treatment and it is changing their kids lives.  The Father told me that he no longer has to stress and worry about his kid at a party or his kid playing outside with friends.  For a parent, autism is not an 8-5 job, it is a 24 hour 7 day a week job.  There is no rest.

We wouldn’t be asking for help if we didn’t need it.  We want everything for our children, especially to see them happy and able to function in society.  If we could pay for it we would but we can’t.  The cost of the treatment is $13,800 for Cohen and $10,350 for Max.

Please help us help Cohen and Max. Thank you So So So MUCH!

Smith Family
Go Fund Me Cohen and Max