Diet for kids with autism, ADHD, allergies or asthma. Also PDD-NOS

Melyssa was reading tonight online about a diet that is supposed to assist and almost cure kids with autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma and PDD-NOS.  We found this story about Jenny McCarthy posted on Jenny McCarthy on Healing Her Son’s Autism and Discovering Her Life’s Mission, By Allison Kugel, Senior Editor – October 09, 2007

She talks in the article about changing her son’s diet to a “strict dairy free and wheat free diet, an anti-fungal medication, and in various forms of behavioral therapy.”

She also talks about how vaccines are one possible cause for children having these disabilities. Here is a little snippet from the article I want to talk to you about what you believe caused Evan’s autism. I know that he is on a wheat and dairy free diet and I know that you put him on Diflucan to get the fungus out of his body. The combination of that with the behavior therapy… then there are the vaccinations. I grew up eating grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream sundaes and my mom vaccinated me. How come I didn’t become autistic, and why do these things affect some children?

Jenny McCarthy: If you look at the vaccine schedule, and you can go on and that’s a really good website… the vaccines that you received in 1983 were ten. Today they’re thirty-six. Thirty-six vaccinations compared to ten back in the day. A lot of these kids seem to be born with a little bit of an auto-immune problem. Maybe they can’t really detox some of the toxins in the environment as easily. For instance, one of the things is glutathione. Glutathione is everyone’s bodies’ natural anti-oxidant that gets rid of toxins and viruses and stuff like that. We’ve noticed that a lot of these kids have low glutathione. So we say, “God, if these kids are born with low glutathione, a lower immune system, then how are they supposed to now take thirty-six vaccines when we never had that before?” So it’s real easy when you look at that list of what it was like, and what it’s like now, to go, “Ah! I see the escalation of vaccines and I see the escalation of autism,” and that’s how we got there.”

The other article Melyssa found is called “The GFCF (Gluten-Free, Casein-Free) Diet for Autism Spectrum Disorders”.  Click here for the article

I’m not going to get in the details of the article but here is the last paragraph.

into the GFCF diet continues. A study released in 2010 shows benefits for some kids with autism spectrum disorder. “Our results suggest that dietary intervention may positively affect developmental outcome for some children diagnosed with ASD,” according to the study. It was published in Nutritional Neuroscience by a research group that included Paul Shattock and Dr. Paul Whiteley of ESPA Research. “Further studies are required to ascertain potential best- and non-responders to intervention.” A new article by the same authors explores the ways a GFCF diet could reduce autism symptoms.”

My thoughts are this: You want to lose weight, change your diet.  You want to have a caffeine boost without the caffeine, eat an apple.  What we choose to eat can greatly affect our mood and our mental and physical health.  So why can’t a specific diet affect how children develop as it relates to autism or PDD-NOS.  I’m all for trying it.  But it is going to have be a lifestyle change for all of us.  We are going to have to get rid of the milk and a lot of other stuff.

We’ll be sure to write about this some more.

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  3 comments for “Diet for kids with autism, ADHD, allergies or asthma. Also PDD-NOS

  1. Jen
    February 11, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Please let me know if I can help. I cook almost all my dinners wheat free and my kids don’t complain. I have a great wheat free pancake recipe that I actually like more than my bisquick pancakes. A gluten free diet is really starting to become more mainstream. Bisquik even makes a GF baking mix that you use just like the regular. Also, try Brown rice noodles by Tinkyada, they even have a bag that comes with really fun “kid shapes”. Harmons puts little labels on their shelves of GF items. I have tons of recipes I can share. All Chex cereals except Wheat Chex are now gluten free. Another good cereal is Gorilla Munch, it is like a sweet version of Kix. Going Cassein free isn’t as easy, but I did it for almost a year and could give you some pointers on that too.

  2. July 17, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    I put together a website on the peanut allergy just because I thought it extremely odd that the UK would have a huge problem with peanut allergies. I ate peanut butter by the 5 pound bucket and fed it to my kids. Peanuts have been eaten for centuries. There was no peanut allergy epidemic when I was a kid. What changed?

    So I started to search online. It wasn’t until I read patents for vaccine adjuvants that I saw the connection between vaccines and peanuts. The more I dug, the bigger the connection. And then I looked at all the other severe allergies kids are getting and I found vaccines to the the most likely culprit again.

    Every food known to man is listed in patents for vaccine culture mediums. It is only the final culture that need appear on the package insert. Up until then they can use food waste or even aborted fetus cells and none of this need be revealed.

    Pharmaceutical companies can “self affirm” generally recognized as safe ingredients. This means they hire a company to do a study, pick a group of “peers” to review the study, then they are free to use the ingredient in all their pharmaceuticals and nothing need appear on the package insert, the study never gets published or submitted to any government.

    These ingredients are trade secrets protected by international trade law.

    But when it comes to casein, it is clearly listed as an ingredient in a number of vaccines given to children.

    Any protein in the vaccine along with the aluminum adjuvant will cause the body to have an immune response to that protein.

    So the only question is why don’t all children have allergies to casein, yeast, soy, etc?

    I believe that there is only a trace amount of the protein left so it is a matter of which shot out of the batch of vaccine has the protein. Your child may be a lucky one and get none, or an unlucky one and get alot.

    Currently, 1 in 10 Australian children under three are expected to have severe food allergies. The higher the vaccination rate; the higher the food allergy rate.

    These food allergies are serious and the connection to vaccines should not be ignored. Pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to have secret ingredients and we should insist on full disclosure of anything being injected into our children.

    Parents should not have to buy service animals for their allergic children. These children can die just from smelling peanut butter cookies baking. And it is clear that a casein allergy is just as dangerous.

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