Kangen Water

Research on Stem Cells

First off, I’m not a doctor, scientist, or anything close.  Second, I know that there are many remedies out there in the world of autism that prey on autism families.  Third, over the years I have had to trust my instinct and my wife’s instinct as far as what we do with our boys and so far it has paid… Read more →

Fight for Autism Insurance 2014

We had the opportunity to be on Fox 13 again to talk about SB57 and HB88 which is to mandate coverage for autism by insurance companies and continue the state’s autism pilot program.  They should be voting on SB57 today.   2 proposed bills would offer resources to Utahns with autism spectrum disorders Fox 13 News, Max Roth, Reporter, February 26th.… Read more →

Change your water, Change your Life

Color Me Blue because I drink Kangen Water

Ok. So Kangen water. Yes you can google it and find a lot about it.  It is moving upwards across the nation but still relatively new to us westerners. Take a look at the pH Balance Chart.  What do you drink that has a lot of acid in it?  I bet there is a lot of stuff.  How many Diet… Read more →

Kindergarten – Not an easy task

The day we all have been dreading but yet excited for has finally come…Kindergarten! As I type this I can only think, “How on earth did we make it this far?” I really don’t have an answer but we are here and taking it one day at a time. The week prior to Cohen starting, we met with the interventionist… Read more →

Looking Back

The other night I found myself looking back into past. I watched videos of the kids from 2-3 years ago and for it were not for the videos I don’t think I could recall those days.  As I thought about the joyous hell that we were going through at that time, I thought, “Wait, we are still going through this… Read more →

Summer is here

Well, a lot has gone on in our family which is why I rarely update the site. But summer is here!!! Wishi could write about all our experiences but I can at at least tell you the boys are making great improvements and I attribute that to the Kangen water. I also will add that we have had therapist come… Read more →

Kangen Water Update

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I wanted to write a quick update on our Kangen Water.  I said that I hadn’t notice any stimming with our boys but that I would watch them for the next month.  Well, I can honestly say that I have not seen them stimm one bit.  Seriously!! Cohen use to bob his… Read more →

Kangen Water and Stimming

After posting about Kangen water and how it has helped our kids I received an email that basically said I’ve been suckered into a bunch of bull$@%#.  So I respectfully replied in the few moments I had thanking him for his concern and in a cheeky manner asked if he has found a cure for autism. He respectfully replied “No”… Read more →

The Water is Working – Kangen Water is Amazing

So I’ve written about Kangen water in the past and talked about the changes I have seen in our boys. But nothing compares to how the last two weeks have been since we invested in our own machine.  We started drinking Kangen Water about 6 months ago and we noticed that with the boys they started sleeping through the night.  To me right there I… Read more →

Sleeping Habits

How in the world do you deal with a kid that keeps asking for milk in the middle of the night?  Here is a typical night: 8:00 Melyssa and the boys are asleep in our bed. 8:30 I move Cohen into his bed 10:00 I come to bed 10:15 Max wants milk. So I get him Milk 1:00am Max wants… Read more →