Looking Back

The other night I found myself looking back into past. I watched videos of the kids from 2-3 years ago and for it were not for the videos I don’t think I could recall those days.  As I thought about the joyous hell that we were going through at that time, I thought, “Wait, we are still going through this… Read more →

Summer is here

Well, a lot has gone on in our family which is why I rarely update the site. But summer is here!!! Wishi could write about all our experiences but I can at at least tell you the boys are making great improvements and I attribute that to the Kangen water. I also will add that we have had therapist come… Read more →

It’s Time to Play – What is He Saying?

Cohen was trying to tell me something about Hot Wheels and I could not in my life figure it out.  See if you can guess what he is saying.   Read more →


Response to Autism being a Hot Diagnosis

There was an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about Autism published April 29th by Julia Lyon, “Are increases in autism rates in Utah, U.S. truly real?” CDC study saw big increases – but is autism just the hot diagnosis of new century? It was a very interesting article to me as it seem to try and find reasons as to why… Read more →

New Quirky (Autistic) things

Over the last couple weeks I’ve noticed the boys have more autistic or quirky things in their day to day activities.  Max has been for a while showing stimming.  He would touch his fingers tips together kind of like a crab and do that several times.  He is also running in circles.  The latest has been his OCD with clean… Read more →

Is Dyslexia a symptom of Autism?

I never really thought this until today but I was taking Cohen to the bus stop and I was trying to get him to say “What up Dad”.  Every time I could get him to say it he would say “Dad up What”.  So I tried having him say “Dad up What”. Then he replied “What up Dad”. Crazy huh?… Read more →

We Survived Church

Somehow the stars aligned and all of us made it to church.  We attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church), and Sunday’s  it’s a three hour event.  Which is really nice even though it sounds like a long time, and sometimes it is.   Our church is in the afternoon which is great because we don’t have to… Read more →

Speech with Cohen

Cohen has definitely come a long way in talking but he still has a long way to go. He does pretty good at repeating words but does not necessarily put them together very well. Check the video out. Read more →

What does the cat say?

Cohen’s progression goes in spurts.  The other night we were looking at a book called Brown Bear Brown Bear.  This was the 2nd or 3rd night in a row that we had looked at it.  There are definitely certain pictures that he knows and will respond to such as the Cat and the Dog.  I would ask him, what does… Read more →