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Kangen Water Update

So we’ve been on Kangen water for about two months now. I can honestly say that it has improved our lives. The boys do much better at sleeping through the night. Our nightly routine is wait until the boys fall asleep which is usually 8:30. I will move Cohen into his bed and Max sleeps in the middle. It use… Read more →

Antioxidant shows promise as autism treatment

Found this to be interesting. Source: http://www.mississauga.com/iphone/news/article/1383097–antioxidant-shows-promise-as-autism-treatment Antioxidant shows promise as autism treatment June 27, 2012 00:06:00 Treatment with a locally manufactured supplement containing antioxidant N-acetylcysteine may be an effective treatment for some features of autism, according to a small pilot study at the Stanford University of Medicine. The trial involved 31 healthy children with autism, ages 3 to 12,… Read more →